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Connect Anything

Businesses rely on billions of non-networked assets every day. We enable them to be networked and controlled to receive real-time data for better decisions.

IoT for your business..

Better decision making with connected assets and real-time data.

IoT is one of the driving forces behind the Industry 4.0 technology movement. It will enable enhanced automation, data collection, and analytics, in addition to optimizing workflows and processes.


When Intelligence is enabled by IoT, devices can be programmed to work in unison to produce greater outputs on the work floor or on work-sites. It can collect data, and report  on the status of the environment and equipment.  It allows fail-safe and smart technologies to be put in place for proactive maintenance or automated recovery after failures.

Additionally, these devices will be able to exchange data with analytics programs via our own "RANGER" IoT hub, which can improve and iterate workflows and processes on the fly. Analytics and the data captured by IoT devices will allow us to make insights and optimizations which were never possible before. 


Let  data take your business to higher grounds

Designed and developed by our own engineers, the “Ranger” IoT Hub provides a versatile platform to build multiple IoT solutions, while maintaining highly reliable and secure communications between millions of IoT devices, while interacting with cloud-hosted solutions at the backend.

Using integrated sensors, we gather precise real-time information that is processed using our dynamic software platform to provide useful and intuitive data. This processed data in the form of reports and notifications provide management with valuable information needed to make rapid data driven decisions in real time to control your business.

One Login

Users can access multiple applications with one login within the same organization.  This enables seamless switching between applications with the least effort. The highly secure authorization system is end to end encrypted to protect your login credentials.


We are  able to select our industry specific user interfaces or customize UI as per your requirement.

Connect any sensor

“Ranger" IoT hub integrates IoT sensing, low-power wireless technology and machine learning & makes deploying IoT simple.  A greatly beneficial value addition to your business.


Seamlessly integrate with existing ERP and financial system as per the users' preference.

The possibility of fully customized API integration increases efficiency and reduction of development cost.

Efficiency and Productivity Through IoT Adoption

Morgan Stanley and Automation World Survey


Improving Operational Efficiency 


Improvement in productivity 


Reduction in downtime


Maximizing asset utilisation 


Enhancing worker safety


Transport & Logistics


Roadside Assistance

Building Management

Utilities Management

Parking & Traffic Management



Manufacturing & Assembly

Are You Ready to Accelerate Your Business?

Contact our team. We are ready to uplift your business to the next level.

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