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Smart Agriculture & Soil Monitoring


Live Monitoring

Real time weather on the field

Our weather station will provide realtime weather and forecast. Wind speed, rain fall, sunlight levels transmit to the platform in realtime. Users are able to access the data from anywhere in the world with the use of a mobile phone or laptop. 

Nutrient levels

Monitor Soil moisture, Nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium levels (N,P,K ) transmission of info to farmers - real time. This enables cost reductions in fertilizers and water usage by utilizing exactly what's required in the relevant areas.

Alerts & notifications

Ability to receive real-time notifications to know what’s happening, instantly on the field from your laptop and smartphone. Reduce sudden reduction of soil moisture levels, changes in EC levels, pH levels in hydroponic farming and  alerts on breakdown of field assets.( farm machinery)


Retrieve detailed and summary reports about weather patterns, crops current growth rate, soil moisture level, soil nutrients levels and others to help craft more effective harvesting and/or ground preparation.
Use interactive tables and graphs, export results as Excel and PDF files or get them emailed to your inbox on a regular basis.
Analyze big data across multiple sensors and fields being confident the report will be delivered v quickly – thanks to optimized algorithms, distributed computing, data caching and background preprocessing.


Need a new report? Our system is fully capable of adding any report as per your requirement. Our in house development team will provide assistance and development of such reports


No need to generate reports manually. Scheduling reports will make sure the correct reports are generated automatically and send to the correct person on time.


Report Generation


Remote control

Automate watering and large scale irrigation 

Our platform allows to control pumps & switches remotely giving you the flexibility to manually control the watering system. It's also possible to setup automated watering in case the soil moisture levels / nutrient levels drop below the predefined values.

Greatly reduceing labour costs. 

Reduce the use of fertiliser

View the exact nutrient content in the soil. Tabulate against standards for the selected crops, all in a single view. Identify the nutrient low areas and adjust fertiliser applications as required.

Maintenance History

View asset maintenance history. View all the expenses incurred for the assets on the field. Alerts on upcoming repairs / early maintenance and services,

automatically scheduling and informing maintenance staff.

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