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Live Monitoring

Live Location

Now you can get the insight into real-time asset /vehicle locations, instantly with all relevant  details. ( location cordinates with when and how ) . Our "Ranger" IOT hub will provide direct access to and address all your concerns. You will get customised dash boards on PC, laptop or smartphone. 

Real-time temperature info

View vehicle or asset's temperature data in real time .  Multiple temperature readings at set points on a single  view.

Alerts & notifications

Ability to receive real-time notifications and alerts directly on your laptop and smartphone. Reduce high speeding, fuel thefts, route deviations, unnecessary idling, and asset thefts. Alerts of temperature deviations from predefine ranges.  we will help you to maintain the quality of your refrigerated cargo through out its journey.

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Fleet List
(All or by state)

Live Speed


Live Temperature

Live Door Status

Real-time Location


Retrieve detailed and summary reports about temperature level, no of trips / visits, fleet and mobile workforce activity, fuel consumption monitoring, driving quality, and safety , all of these can be monitored and controlled

Use interactive tables and graphs, export results as Excel and PDF files or get them emailed to your inbox at regular intervals.

Analyze big data across multiple assets, and have the confidence fast and accurate reports – thanks to our optimized algorithms, distributed computing, data caching in the background. 


Need a new report? Our system is fully capable of adding any report as per your requirement. Customisation is our speciality. 


No need to generate reports manually. pre Scheduled reports will make sure the correct information is  generated automatically and send to relevant  person on time.

Revewing Graphs

Report Generation


Cold chain logistics


Select the vehicle and indicate the time period required with just a few clicks

Detail temperature graph


Detail information Breakdown

View what happens every minute..

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Download in PDF or Excel formats


Preventive Maintenance

Schedule Maintenance

Schedule all your asset maintenance in one location. Get automatic alerts before maintenance  due date. Automatic alerts to all your technical staff to reduce / prevent unnecessary breakdowns.

Add ad-hoc maintenance

View all the ad-hoc maintenance and repairs. View how frequent they occurs. View the each vehicle expenses from ad-hoc repairs. All in one place 

Maintenance History

View asset maintenance history. View all the expenses incurred on each vehicle and by each vehicle type, along with upcoming maintenance and services


Create maintenance tasks with few clicks

View the progress of each task real-time


Return on assets
Budget vs Actual

Calculate the present value of each asset before purchase.

Able to view the real return on investment against the budget. 

Fixed & adhoc costs

Add all the asset related costs into one location and view the cost incurred per mileage or per hour of operation . Get a  detailed insight in to your asset's performance.

Fuel cost and energy consumption costs

Fuel and energy are the main cost factors in a refrigerated transportation. We are providing users ability to add the fuel costs to our platform. With our energy monitoring sensors users are able to view the live energy consumption.  View the average fuel consumption of each vehicle... and much more


Return on assets monitoring

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