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Air Quality measurement

Monitoring the dust concentration & temperature from your mining operation can help ensure the protection of the mine employees and the surrounding communities.


Air quality monitoring sensors can be installed throughout the interior of underground mines and their analysis can be made available instantly for appropriate action .  in addition, sensors can be deployed around the perimeter of the site, ensuring the particulate matter is not at dangerous levels when it leaves the mine site and makes its way into the environment.

Comply. with regulations and CSR policies

As miners face some harsh weather conditions, IoT sensors for environmental monitoring are often sought after around the world to enhance safety. This is where the value of IoT innovation really stands out for mining companies as they are faced with stringent environmental regulations and CSR policies. 

Smart alert devices to prevent injuries

Smart alerting devices for the employees working on site for precise location identification in real time , which will be of immence help if and when an evacuation is required.




& task management

Electronic forms

Electronic data recording and instantly report all activities , incidents and progress status to control locations /site office.

Add ad-hoc maintenance

View all the ad-hoc maintenance and repairs. View how frequent they occurs. View the each vehicle expenses from ad-hoc repairs. ( single view )

Maintenance History

View asset maintenance history. View all the expenses incurred on a vehicle, upcoming repairs, along with completed maintenance and services.

Budget vs Actual on asset investment

Budget and calculate the present value of each asset before purchase.

Able to view the real return on investment against the budget. 

Fixed & adhoc costs

Add all the asset related costs and bills in one location. View the cost incurred per mileage or per hours. View detail insight to your asset.

Fuel cost and energy consumption

Fuel is one of the main cost factor in a vehicle and Energy costs for machines. We are providing users ability to add the fuel costs to our platform. Able  to compare it against actual amounts  filled ( if necessary from taken from installed  sensors ). View the average fuel consumption of each vehicle. And cost of energy usage in each machine.


Return on assets monitoring





 Measure excavation volumes

View the planned and actual excavated area. And monitor performance of each asset, employee, machine from anywhere in the world.

Blasted area measuing

View the blasted areas and rock fall volumes along with active working areas in real-time. View all assets in the relevant area  in real time.

Equipment Working hours monitoring

View exact working hours and monitor in real time. View of the asset's performance  parameters such as fuel level , tyre ware any other by using our installed and in built sensors .

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