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"Ranger" IoT hub

Where it all connects.


Designed and developed by our own engineers, the “Ranger” IoT Hub provides a versatile platform to build multiple IoT solutions, while maintaining highly reliable and secure communications between millions of IoT devices and cloud-hosted solutions at the backend.

Using integrated sensors, we gather precise real-time information that is processed using our dynamic software platform to provide useful and intuitive data. This processed data in the form of reports and notifications provide management with the vital information needed to make rapid data driven decisions in real time to control your business.

Ranger IoT platform developed using well thought out architecture by industry experts. With the use of the latest technologies and proprietary algorithms, we can compress the data to near 25% of its original size on storing.
In-house built load balancer and ability to add more storage or process servers parallel result in high-performance uninterrupted service for the customer. Our data compression and on-demand expandability result in low cost for the customer to use the software as a service.
Ingeniiot uses end to end encrypted data communication and storing to increase security. 
Our ranger hub is not limited to a single device or industry. This unique feature result in the ability to add any IoT device to our platform. Depending on customer requirements, our in house development team will customise the front end User interface. And provide with necessary reporting and features.
We have taken away the hassle of login into multiple platforms and remember multiple user credentials. With our single sign-on system, users able to switch between any of our IoT applications seamlessly. 

Well Designed Architectire

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